Why Is Water Quality Important

Why is Water Quality Important? This is a fundamental question that we need to answer.

Did you ever wonder why is water quality important to public health? Around the turn of the century, before chlorination began, waterborne illnesses were rampant in countries with large populations. Today, they are still rampant in third world nations and countries struggling with war or inadequate governments.

Worldwide, more than 5 million people die of waterborne or water-related diseases, every year. But, the Centers for Disease Control and the US Environmental Protection Agency reported only seven deaths in the US during the last reporting period.

That bears repeating. Of the 5 million people that died, only 7 of them lived in the US. If you were wondering why is water quality so important, that may give you part of the answer, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s another question.

Why is water quality important to long-term health?

The human body is primarily a bag of fluids. All of those fluids must be replaced on a daily basis or dehydration will result. Acute dehydration is pretty rare, but if you ever worked in an emergency room, you would see that a lot of hospital visits could be avoided if people simply drank enough fluids.

The question of why is water quality so important to a person’s long-term health has to do with several things. First, while acute dehydration is relatively rare, many chronic health complaints are related to inadequate fluid intake. Even the appearance of your skin is negatively affected when you don’t drink enough.

Second, chemical contaminants and heavy metals that are present in most supplies build up in the body faster than they can be disposed of. This leads to a variety of chronic illnesses. In addition, many of those chemicals cause cancer. For those that wonder why is water quality so important; that should drive the importance home.

Public treatment facilities in the US and other countries have done a lot to prevent waterborne illness, but they can do very little about the chemical contaminants and traces of heavy metals that are detrimental to our long-term health.

Once you understand why is water quality important, you may be tempted to buy bottled, but that’s not really a good choice.

Bottling companies are allowed to use publicly treated supplies. They may or may not take additional steps to purify it. In other words, you could be buying your own tap-water.

If you truly understand the answer to “why is water quality so important”, you realize that home purification and filtration is the best option. Chlorination may have solved the problem of waterborne illnesses, but it greatly increased the number of cancer cases that are diagnosed every year.

Researchers estimated that 70-80 new cases each year are a direct result of chlorination, because of exposure to cancer-causing chlorine by-products called THMs.

The better home purifiers and filters remove both THMs and chlorine, improving the taste and the safety of tap-water. They are affordable and a worthwhile investment in your long-term health. Now you know why water quality is important and how to ensure that yours is of the highest quality.

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