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20+ Woodworking Tools List For Beginners

Are you a beginner in woodworking? Or planning to start woodworking projects? Are you not ready yet? Suffering to collect the most necessary tools? Well, I have basic woodworking tools list available in here which will help you out in your new project.

Woodworking Tools List For Beginners

Woodworking is fun. It is an Art as well. But capturing the art perfectly, it requires some essential tools that will make your path from beginner to professional smoother. Let’s dig out the essential tools you need to start…

Combination square

Combination Square Set

It’s a kind of ruled blade with one or more interchangeable heads. The most famous head is known as a square head that can check right and 45-degree angles.

Sliding bevel

sliding bevel

Sliding bevel frequently use in woodworking for setting and transferring angles. It features a metal blade with wooden or plastic made handle

Marking gauge

Marking gauges

Marking gauge is also familiar with mortise gauge or scratch gauge that is used to scribe mortise on wood prior for cutting and other operations. It is also useful in basic metal working jobs.

Framing square

Farming or Steel Square tool used for expanding into framing and laying beams and stairs. It is a measuring tool that can use as straight-edge, picking right angles and so on.

Steel tape

Steel tape

It is kind of flexible ruler that can measure almost anything you wish. A beginner carpenter can use 10 to 12-inch steel tape for woodworking activity.

Folding rule

folding rule

Folding or Zig-Zag rules are a combination of two or more rules that are joined with hinges. Those rules can be folded and measure lots of things.



Compasses are efficient in technical drawing. A woodworker can use it for making right circles and arcs. Those can also measure distances, drafting, navigation and many other things.

Scratch awl

Scratch awl

It is specially made for a woodworker. Scratch awl usually use for scribe a line so that saw or chisel can follow.

Crosscut saw

Crosscut saw

Thwart, or Crosscut Saw uses for cutting wood perpendicular to the wood particle. It comes in different sizes with small teeth. For beginners 12 point crosscut saw is ideal.

Rip saw

Rip saw uses for rip cut to make parallel to the way of the wood grain. For amateur carpenter 6.5 or 7.5 point rip saw is ideal.


Back sawBacksaw usually uses for accurate cutting, especially in dovetails, miters, or tenons in cabinetry and joinery.

Circular saw

Circular saw

The circular saw offers faster and precise cutting in wood materials. It can cut the toughest wood with ease. Different blades can be used in it for various purposes.



Usually, Hacksaw is made for cutting metal materials. But sometimes plumbers need to cut plastic pipes and conduit. In that time hacksaw will prove to be beneficial.


For straight and curved cuts in different types, wooden materials jigsaw has no exception. It can cut wood, particleboard, plywood, plastic, metal and even ceramic tile. It is the safest power saw.

Wood chisels

Wood chisels

A wood chisel is a necessary tool for both amateur and professional plumber. Good chisels cut mortises, shave wooden surfaces, chop wood and remove chunks from wood correctly.

Utility knife

utility knife

Utility Knife is a versatile tool. It is one of the most necessary tools in a home. It helps in wood cutting activities as well. It can be used for cutting corners, shaping woods, cleaning stains and so on.

Claw hammers

claw hammer

Claw Hammer usually used for pounding or extracting nails from wood. For beginners a 16 oz. Hammer will be all.

Nail set

A nail set is a small metal thing that is used for so many different purposes. You surely need a nail set in your entry level wood working task.


The router is another necessary tool for beginner level woodworking purposes according to so many expert plumbers. However, there are lots of different types of router available of different bases. But for a beginner a stationary base is suitable.

Sharpening stone

Sharpening stone

In the wood working task, different types of tools are needed that consists of blades. To sharpen those blades, a sharpening stone is essential.

Face shield or safety glasses

Face shield

Face shield and safety glasses protect from any kind of unexpected hit. It is a must in basic or pro level woodworking activity.

Hearing protector

hearing protector

Hearing protector keeps ear safe from loud noises. During woodworking loud noises are common that can harm ear.

Those are some of the good woodworking essential for the people who want to start their woodworking career. However, you may ignore some of those tools from the list according to your job type. But shortly, you have to grasp all of those above instruments.

So, it is better to pick all at once. While using those tools, stay safe as those can result in any kind of harm suddenly. We will come again soon with other practical hacks. Till then:

Enjoy your life!

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