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Woodworking Safety Rules Every Woodworker Should Know

No matter whether you are a professional carpenter or hobbyist, safety is the key point you should always consider. In woodworking, you have to deal with lots of tools. Some of those are even power tools. For that reason, if you do not consider the security, any kind of accident can take place. Besides, an English phrase said that ‘prevention is better than cure.’

A little consciousness can even save a life. However, you already know, today we are here to discuss some safety rules in woodworking. You should read with profound concentration.

Woodworking Safety Rules:

In woodworking, the first and foremost duty is to double check your working area. The question is why? Well, if there should be materials that can pose as obstacles during your work. Look at your workplace and remove things that can seem unworthy to you. This way you can stay away from any unexpected accidents. After checking your workplace, you should thoroughly check the tools you want to use. In addition, you should follow some standard woodworking safety rules. Most of the professional carpenters always follow those rules for their own safety. Let’s see those rules elaborately:

Clothes for Woodworking:

Woodworking jobs do not require any fancy clothing. You are not going to attend any party. Clothes that you feel comfortable with are more than enough. However, it is suggested to avoid loose clothes. There is a reason behind that. Loose clothes can catch by any machine. So, your clothes must be loose enough to keep you flexible but not so much. Keep it in mind or accident can occur anytime. Besides, before starting your woodworking job, It is better to remove jewelry ornaments like neck chain, bracelet and so on.


Safety Equipment:

It is one of the essential rules for woodworking purpose. You have to wear some safety equipment. You should wear goggles to keep your eyes safe from any sudden impact of shavings. Also, wear gloves while using noisy tools like routers and surface planers. Also, if you work with any power tools that produce huge sound, wear ear-bud. You can also wear a facemask to keep your face safe.

Fixing and Adjustment Safety:

Always unplug your power tools while fixing or adjusting. It is extremely dangerous to do any fixing without unplugging the tool. You may wonder it is a waste of time. However, it is actually a life-saving advice. Time is not as important as your life. It can even lead you to death! While fixing or adjusting any power tool, make sure it is unplugged completely.

Power Cord:

For all your power tools, you should use one extension cord, which is heavy duty. It will make your life easier. It will ensure that you switched off the power to every tool. If you use too many cords, it can make you confused.

Blade and Bits:

Cutting tools must not be dull. A dull tool will make your job harder. Also, it can produce bind or kick. So, an accident is one step back if you use dull blades. The same rule is applicable for bits. You should never use blunt bits as well. Sharp blades and bits will make your work easier.

Follow Basic Rules:

Professional woodworkers already know every basic of woodworking. However, if you are an amateur or hobbyist, you should follow those common rules of woodworking. Let’s see those rules at a glance:

  • Always keep your finger at a safe distance from blades.
  • Keep your clothes and hair away from any spinning things
  • While using chisel, don’t put one hand in front of it
  • While handling chemicals be mindful
  • Read instruction manual before installing any tools
  • Learn how to use power tool appropriately
  • Let someone know that you are working in your workshop and how much time you will need
  • Be careful about the electric connection.


Clean Up

After complete your task, you should immediately clean the tools and working area. It assures the security of your next woodworking season. Never leave any odd piece of wood, debris, shavings that created during work. Also, unplug every power tools after you complete this season.


Hope you will follow those safety rules accordingly during woodworking purposes. You can think, I am a professional I do not have to follow all those bullshits. Well, everyone can commit mistakes. So, why take a risk? Not only woodworking you have to be careful in every step you take.

Especially while dealing with power tools highest level of security is mandatory. That is all for now. We will meet again with other effective tips and hacks. If you have anything to know, feel free to state with the American Hobbies Team. Besides, don’t forget to share your advice with us.

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