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Things You Should Never Do In front of Your Child

Parenting is tough, period! Parents have to do lots of things while growing up a child. They often forget there are a number of things they should never do in front them. Really? Are there such things exist that I should never do in front of my baby? Sad but true, yes there is!

Kids are the deep observer. They learn things by observing others. They say most of the time with their parent. Unquestionably they will learn things mostly from their parent’s example. That’s the reason parent should stay very alert about their activities around the kids.

If you wish your child to be a good human being you should be the kind of individual in front of them. Let’s see what we parents should stop doing in front of our kids.

Parents Should Stop Doing:


Smoking kills; we often read and heard this slogan. But yet we don’t quit smoking. Smoking around your child not only set a detrimental example but also affect their health. Passive smoking causes lots of health diseases like ear infections, asthma attacks, respiratory problems and many other infections. Besides, if you smoke around kids, there is a chance that they will start smoking after a certain age. So, do you want your child to be a smoker? If not, stop now!

Don’t Be Drunk

Well, having a baby is quite a hassle. You may feel stressed sometimes. You can have a drink or even two. But never ever cross your limit in front of your child. There is always a difference between having a glass of wine and totally drunk. A drunken person can say or do anything. They don’t have control over themselves. If you get drunk around your kid, you can do anything that can provide negative impact to that little soul. Don’t do that! You are parents now don’t act irresponsibly.

Never Use Slung:

As I said earlier, kids are the profound observer. They learn from what they listen and see around them. If you use any slung in front the child, it will mimic you someday. And if it doesn’t in front of anyone, we will be embarrassed.

Biting Nails:

A study stated that about half of all humans bite their nails. It is a bad habit. Germs stayed beneath your fingernails no matter how much time you wash your hand. If you bite your nail, then germs will go into your body and increase the chance of illness. Besides, biting nails can harm your teeth as well. So, if father or mother has the habit of biting nails, they should stop doing it. If you do biting your nails in front of your kid, you will notice that he or she is doing the same someday.

Don’t be violent:

Don’t ever abuse any person or animal physically or mentality in front of a kid! It will affect the kid in an alarming way. The kid will either remember it for lifelong where some will think that it is okay for adults. Either way, it is harmful to the kid. It can whether grow a scared personality or a cruel personality.

Don’t use electric device too much:

Technologies though make our life easier, yet it makes us prisoners as well. We often don’t notice that we are bound with luxury Smartphones, Laptop, iPad and so many modern electronic devices. Parent must avoid using electronic devices too much in front of their kids. You can make the kid think that technology is more important than him or her. Or it will encourage the kid to use technology by avoiding physical activities.  Either way, it is damaging to the kid.

Never said ‘Don’t Tell your mother’

Fathers often said their child ‘not to tell your mother’! Suppose, A father comes to pick the kid from his or her school. They made lots of fun and eat ice cream. And before returning home, the father told the kid not to mention about ice cream. Father assumes that as fun. But those are not! Those can build up an idea that you should not share anything

Father assumes that as fun. But those are not! Those can build up an idea that you should not share anything with your mom. Or you can do bad things without letting the parents know. You should never do that. I had an ice-cream that’s fun. She will not kill you for that. Be positive.

Don’t make your partner embarrassed

Kids will copy you as I mentioned earlier. So, you need to stay careful about your words and acts in front of them. If you make fun your partner every time in front of the child, it will give the kid a negative impression. Besides, some people love to neglect their partner every time.

This is actually harmful to a sound relationship. Also, this attitude will teach your kid act negative towards people. The kid will definitely try to make people lower in the near future. So, try to keep a sound relationship with your partner so that the kid can develop with positive a manner.

Never Compare

‘Robert, you make the room a mess you should watch Jones room how clean it is’ a common dialogue every parent said several times. It is a tonne of comparison. Never ever do compare kids with others. Every kid is special. Every kid has some special quality. By comparing with other kids, you are just letting him down. It is not a good way to nurture a child. It destroys their confidence.

Behave with Serviceman

Always try to behave with the serviceman. The boy who deliver pizza, the guy who comes to repair your kitchen appliance, the girl who babysit your kids are not someone whom you will behave badly. They are human and always behave with them especially when your kids are around.

If you behave badly with the fellow serviceman, your kid will learn to behave worst with people. This is not an ideal idea to raise a kid.


Life is beautiful when you have kids around you. But life is also irritating if your child suddenly says ‘Stop it motherfucker’ to any of your relative or friends! Try to improve their mental health positively by doing interesting things around them. Talk decent with them. Make your kid the best version of him or herself. And most importantly never let them feel down!

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