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Tackling The Problem Of Foster Care Resources – Play Your Role For The Community

 Thousands of children enter the care system of the UK every year. A lot of these young individuals who faced physical and sexual abuse at home were rescued, And some have suffered utmost neglect. There are cases where the parents are addicted to drugs and also scenarios where parents or guardians are too ill to take care of their child.

The state steps in but the number of affected individuals is increasing and resources are stretched. As a member of the community, you can do your part by considering taking up foster care responsibilities. It is a noble responsibility that comes with its benefits – financial and emotional.

Here are some basics that can help you understand this more.

Finding The Right Carer-Child Combination

There are different scenarios in foster care – some short-term and some for longer periods. Tahir Khan from Perpetual Fostering ( explains that the duration for a child’s foster placement will be discussed during a carer’s assessment period.

There are different types of age groups and cases to contend with if you are a fostering agency, and placements need to be made carefully, to ensure that the child and foster carer are suited to each other. If you have the skills to take care of a child with special needs, you will be considered for that. And if you are more comfortable with school-going children, it is a request you can make.


Financial Benefits

There are costs that go into raising a child, whether it is temporary or permanent. This is something that the foster agency takes care of – depending on the child you are taking in you will be allotted a certain amount of funding.

There are also extra funds for you – a payment to acknowledge the service you are providing. Tax benefits are also in place for foster carers. Many foster carers juggle a day job and their foster responsibilities and the extra income is always welcome in this age of inflated costs. Some foster carers are so good at raising children that they take in more cases and are fostering full-time.

Welcoming A Foster Child

When you bring in a child into a home where there are other children, there needs to be a focus on how he or she will mingle with the rest. It is a very sensitive issue because you will be dealing with minors on both fronts. Family members should be given the right advice and guidance to prepare them to accept the new guest when he or she shows up. As things smoothen out, it can be the beginning of beautiful lifelong friendships between your children and your foster care ward.

The UK is facing a crisis in terms of foster care numbers and unfortunately, without the support needed, a lot of society’s children are let down. Children who are bounced from home to home are known to suffer academically and socially – and as adults, they are left behind in employment. This is your chance to provide a spark and help a young child find the right path. Become a foster carer.

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