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5 Good Bugs for Your Garden, You Should Never Kill

Gardening is something that makes me feel alive. Especially in the first light while I see the blossoms, touch them and smell those breathtaking aromas. I can’t portray how vigorous I feel. On the contrary, I feel disgusted when bugs tear down my plants. I can’t explain how pathetic it feels. I want to destroy them all! Wait a minute! If the situation is common, you just have to wait some more minutes my dear.

Not all the bugs are harmful to your plants. Even without some of those insects, your plants can’t grow properly.  You should welcome those beneficial insects into your garden for more productivity. Let’s see which five bugs are the most useful for your garden:

5 Good Bugs for Garden

  1. Bees

Even if bees harm plants, I can’t-do anything that kills one of them! Surprised? Well, do not! Can you see how beautiful and cute they look! How can a human hurt them? Well, let’s come to the point. Bees are not only cute but also beneficial for a healthy garden. Bee’s moves flower to flower to accumulate nectar and pollen. Nectar and pollen are the primary food of bees.

By moving from one flower to another, bees transfer pollen from the stamen to receptive pistil of a flower. It is known as insect pollination which is mandatory for the cropping of most fruits and vegetables. Mostly Honeybees, Bumblebees and solitary bees are beneficial for the plants.

It is wiser to make a bee friendly garden by planting nectar and pollen-rich flowers all over the year, avoid using pesticides, purchase nests for bees and

  1. Soldier Beetles

Most people thoughts that soldier beetles are harmful to the garden whereas it is a misconception. This is one of the most beneficial bugs for plants. The life cycle of soldier beetle starts as a larva which hatches from an egg in the fall. These larvas are the predator that eats the eggs of many harmful garden pests. Those even damage larvae and soft pest bodies.

When the weather warms they seek out for bright flowers like goldenrod, zinnia, and marigold. Those more solid battles also move from flower to flower for seeking nectar and pollen which is why those are the most beneficial garden insect. But Soldier Beetles bite or sting humans, so you have to welcome it carefully. However, soldier beetles are attracted to goldenrod and catnip.


  1. Assassin Bugs

Assassin Bugs look vicious. Those bugs kill lots of harmful garden pests like flies, mosquitoes, poisonous beetles and large caterpillars. That’s how those keep the plants safe from harmful bugs. However, assassin bugs stab the prey with their proboscis and insert a toxin to hunt down their food. These bugs are faster and even kill each other if they can’t find any food.

However, those bugs even bite humans. So, you have to welcome them carefully. As those are not harmful to your garden rather they help a lot, so, you don’t have to try controlling them. Perhaps you can try to attract them to your garden.

  1. Ground Beetles

Ground Beetles is another most beneficial insect in the garden that we all seen at least once in our lifetime. It is the most common garden bug whose diet can control slung, asparagus beetles, squash vine borers, caterpillars, corn earworms, Colorado potato beetles, corn earworms, cutworms and tobacco budworms.

You have to maintain a ground beetles friendly environment by keeping some stones or boards so that they can get cover during the day. You can keep some amaranth plants which also attract the ground beetles. Try not to use pesticides in the garden as ground beetles can’t like this.

  1. Lady Bugs

Ladybugs are able of utilizing up to 50 to 60 aphids every day. They also eat a variety of other harmful insects and larvae like scales, mealybugs, leafhoppers, mites, and different kinds of soft-bodied insects. Those are also familiar with the name ladybird beetles.

So, keeping those inside your garden is a good idea. You can attract them by keeping an aphid-infested plant or some flowering plants that ladybugs like. While watering the plant try to keep water in the leaves as well. It will also keep ladybugs near the plants.

Apart from above five bugs, there are tons of beneficial insects available that make plants healthy by their presence. You have to learn how to attract those advantageous insects in your garden and how to get rid of harmful ones. We will also discuss some other beneficial bugs later on. Till then keep your garden healthy and welcome those bugs warmly!

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