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11 Tips For A Green Lawn In Summer

Spring is the time for your lawn to get its old greenish shape back and in summer you lawn faces the ultimate test on how to survive. It’s all up to you how you are managing your routines on maintaining your lawn during summer.

Scorching heat makes it difficult for the grasses to survive sometimes. You don’t definitely want your lawn to be in such a shape that you can’t organize pool party or BBQ party or any types of social gathering in your house. Maintenance of your lawn is a must during summer time.

Here are 11 essential tips for your summer lawn care so that you can hold the greenish look of your lawn.

  1. Make plans for the entire summer: first of all, you need to make a broad and wide plan on how you should take care of your lawn during summer. Without making a plan you won’t be able to get your desired green lawn.
  2. Get your soil tested: If you are concerned about your lawn so much you should consult with an expert about the soil that you have in your lawn.
  3. Choose the right fertilizer: Your lawn needs different fertilizer than you have used during winter or springtime. Visit the local nursery for more suggestion.
  4. Over-fertilizing: Do not over fertilize your lawn. over fertilizing will burn your lawn and in a result, you will get a dead discolored lawn.
  5. Mowing your lawn: first of all select which lawn mower you should use. Then mow your lawn accordingly. Do not cut your grass too low or do not cut your grass in a way that your soil doesn’t get proper sunlight.
  6. Watering: Summer is the only time when the heat soars and the demand for watering increases. Water your lawn regularly and make a routine for it.
  7. Remove dead grass: removing dead grass from your lawn will make your existing grasses healthy. Dead grasses create the fuss around your green grass and block sun lights to reach the soil.
  8. Make holes around your lawn: Make several small but deep holes during summer because when you are watering your lawn the water might not reach the roots of your lawn. Making several deep holes in your lawn will make that water to flow directly through the roots.
  9. Look for the small weeds: Small weeds are not blessings for a lawn at all. You should remove small weeds as soon as possible you see it. Weeds actually drain all the water that was supposed to get your grass.
  10. Mulch your grass clips: Mulch your grass clips in such a way so that your lawn can hold the moisture level steady.
  11. Keep your lawn clean: Everyday makes a routine to keep all the wastages like dry leaves, bugs, papers and other kinds of stuff from your lawn.

Use your hand to clean your lawn especially finding the small bugs and weeds that have the ability to destroy your lawn. Follow these 11 steps and get a green looking lawn that will make you proud every time you look at it.

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